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Our Mission:

We strive to continually improve our services by staying up to date on the continuing tax law and policy changes so that our clients get the best tax help possible!  We believe that to serve you best we need to concentrate on certain services, advocating for you when you have an IRS problem and preparing your tax returns.

The Tax Group:

We are Enrolled Agents.    Unlike CPAs and attorneys whose licenses come from the state, enrolled agents are granted their license by the Secretary of the Treasury only after proving their knowledge either by taking a two day test or by serving at least 5 years at the Internal Revenue Service in a position where they were required to interpret the Internal Revenue Code.  At the Tax Group we are both former IRS Revenue Officers.

Together, we have over 30 years of IRS experience!  But we didn't stop there.   We are Fellows of the National Tax Practice Institute, which specializes in teaching IRS taxpayer representation.  When you hire The Tax Group to help you, your tax problem is viewed with a dual perspective, knowing what IRS will do and also what can be done to resolve the problem with the least disruption to your lifestyle.

As enrolled agents, we are required to take 72 hours of continuing professional education every three years.  Not at The Tax Group!  We have had an average of over 100 hours of education each year for the past ten years. 

Unlike some of the firms you see advertised on the television, when you hire us, you know that we will be working on your case, not some stranger you have never met.  Did you know that when you take your information to some firms to have your tax return done, the return may actually be prepared in India?  Yes, I said "India!"  Many of the nationally known accounting firms are not really preparing your tax return and there is no rule that says they have to tell you.  At The Tax Group, you know your tax professionals.

Where are we located and why go with us?

We are located in Colorado however we make trips to Dallas where we started many times a year.  IRS has centralized their operations which means that most of the work is done at campuses or service centers around the country so with the IRS, you may be talking to New Yor, California, Ohio or anywhere else.  This means we can work most cases without leaving our office!

Our clients are important to us.  To assure their privacy, we subscribe to SecureDrawer allowing personal information to be sent over the Internet in a safe and secure manner.

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