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Haven't Filed?

Ok, it is time to file those returns ...

We can help you:

Reconstruct you income.  We have on-line access to the IRS's income database.  With your authorization, we can pull a report of the income that has been reported to IRS by your payers.  This on-line capablity is not available to all tax professionals.  In some cases the information may be too old to be on-line.  In those cases, we can order them from IRS for you.

Help you determine the correct deductions from income.  If you haven't filed in years, you will probably need some guidance to know what can legally be deducted.  We will advise you on how to get the necessary records together.  Or, if you choose, we can work with you to compile those expense records.

Decide how far back you need to file.  Believe it or not, depending on how long it has been since you last filed, IRS may not want you to file all the returns you haven't filed.  We can help you decide which returns you really need to file.

Unfortunately, the penalties for not filing returns are severe.  Congress established penalties for filing late, for not making estimated tax payments, for not paying the taxes due on the return as well as many others.  You may qualify for forgiveness of the penalties.  We can advise you whether or not you have reasonable cause for filing the tax return late.

Is it too late to get the refund?  There is a statute of limitations that establishes that to get the refund, you must file the return within 3 years of the due date of the return.  Don't lose that refund!  There are some specific situations that extend that three years.  Come to us for an analysis.

Let us help you decide the best way of dealing with the total amount due.  The tax due on the return is only the beginning.  Depending on the tax year, the penalties and interest my outweigh the original tax.  We can help you find the best way to handle that balance due.

We have been working with clients who have not filed for over 30 years!  Don't panic when IRS contacts you for that return you never filed.  Let our expertise help you

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