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IRS Is Taking Your Money

Levies are up.  Federal Tax  Lien filing is up.  The use of summonses is up.  And yes, seizures are up.  See the U. S. Treasury's web site to see the current sales of seized items.  The house shown above was actually seized by the IRS and advertised on

How The Tax Group Can Help You:
IRS makes mistakes!  But will you know if they have fulfilled the minimum requirements before they levied your wages?  Your bank account?  Your commissions?  At The Tax Group, we know how to hold IRS to the laws and procedures laid out to assure your rights are observed.

IRS must offer you the right to appeal their decision to levy your assets or file a lien against your property.  But do you know how to take advantage of this offer?  Don't put off talking to a representative.  You might miss your opportunity!

Once the levy is served, do you know how to get it released?  We do.  Let us help you. 

IRS Has Filed A Tax Lien, What Now?

The IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien to "protect the government's interest."  That is why they file the lien but what does it really mean to you?  It means your credit rating is severely damaged and since liens are public, your friends, neighbors and competitors know you have tax trouble.  In some cases we can get the lien removed like it was never even filed.  Let us help you!

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