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There is nothing more serious to IRS than an employer who has not paid employment taxes ...

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At The Tax Group, we help employers every day.  When you find yourself behind on FICA, Form 941, employment taxes, it is time to get serious.  IRS will want to walk through your business to find out what assets you have and if they believe you can pay the taxes back while staying current on future taxes.

There are ways of dealing with the employment tax liability. 

You may need an installment agreement, or ou may qualify for an offer in compromise to settle the taxes for less than you owe.  This is difficult.  Generally, your company must be current on filing returns and paying all deposits on time for the current quarter.  IRS will also want to determine how much you and your company can pay.

The trust fund recovery penalty is a penalty assessed against those persons who IRS determines are responsible for the payment of the tax and willfully decide to pay other creditors instead.  This is a very strong tool for collecting taxes!  Without proper representation, IRS often assesses this penalty against the wrong person! 


As former Revenue Officers, we know what IRS can do and what they should do.  We stay up to date on the current trends and policies of collection.  If you owe employment taxes, don't go to the IRS office,  Generally, it is advisable not even to TALK to the IRS!  Hire a qualified representative!  Did you know that you have the right to end a conversation telling IRS that you need time to get a representative?  That's right, in all but very special circumstances, like when a summons has been issued, you can say you need a representative and IRS by law must allow you time to get one.  See Taxpayer's Rights.


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