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You Owe Taxes But You Can't Pay Them...

Owing taxes that you can not pay is tremendously stressful.  We help clients with this problem every day!  Is there an answer to your problem?  Yes.  We can help you.  There are several different ways of dealing with this problem.

An Offer In Compromise:  You have seen the commercials where various firms offer to settle your taxes for "pennies on the dollar."  Is that for you?  The IRS is accepting settlements but only when they believe they can't collect the entire amount from you, you have a hardship or special circumstance or you may not owe the tax.  This is the most difficult method of handling taxes owed and is not for everyone.  Don't be taken by firms that just want your money.  The Tax Group will give you a straight answer.  If an offer in compromise is the best option for you, let us guide you through the process.  Our offers work!  Why?  Because we won't waste your time and money if you don't qualify.

An Installment Agreement that you can live with may be the best choice for you.  You can call IRS yourself but chances are they will say you have no choice but to agree to some outrageous monthly payment.  We can help. 

A Bankruptcy may be the best way of handling your taxes.  Have you heard that taxes are the only thing that don't go away in a bankruptcy?  Not so!  It is our job to tell you about your options and a bankruptcy may be the best one for you.  If it is, we can refer you to a bankruptcy attorney who knows tax.  Not every consumer bankruptcy attorney does!  Let us help you.

IRS may agree that you just can't pay!  Do they really ever say that?  Yes.  Congress has ordered the IRS to allow certain necessary expenses.  If after allowing those expenses there isn't enough money to pay taxes, IRS will archive your taxes.  Do they just go away?  No, but sometimes the best option is to have IRS take a back seat until you are able to pay or until the statute of limitations for collection expires.

You may be a candidate for abatement of the tax or penalty.  Rarely does IRS abate interest but if the circumstances are right, we'll file the claim for you.

Did you file a tax return with your spouse not knowing that all the tax wasn't reported?  Or, maybe you had every indication that the tax was paid, but found out that you former spouse never paid it?  These are the most common examples of innocent spouse conditions.  If you think that you may qualify for innocent spouse relief, call us.

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